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    The National Council of Columbia Association found many reasons to undergo this education program. As a Non-For-Profit we sought to create a fundraising program. we needed to create go will to other organizations and companies so they can give a benefit to their employees at a reasonable cost. We also wanted to allow other organizations to raise funds and create a class that had a group setting. So when we bring our class to you it is for you. Your Church, your ethnic group or you community group. We want to give this to you as a whole. To the participants we want to give them educators with many years of experience but more important we wanted to make it interesting by sharing their experience and the experience of others in the group, people they know and share something in common with.      




Superior Instruction. Superior Results.

Rather than a program that emphasizes law and knowledge, we emphasize personal responsibility and refute excuses for unsafe practices. Independent research shows that our methods are superior to others in reducing traffic violations and collisions. Our programs are consistently proven to:

  • Lower the accident rate by 22%
  • Lower the rate of traffic violations by 63%
  • Deliver levels of participant satisfaction that exceeds 96%

Enjoy the benefits!

  • Reduce your automobile insurance premium by 10% for three (3) years!
  • Get up to a 4 (four)-point reduction from your driving record!
  • Learn how to deal with your own anger as well as another drivers anger.
  • Learn from others sitting in a room with you and without staring at a computer screen
The National Council of Columbia Associations of Civil Service has partnered with the NTSI and is now eligible to offer 6 Hour defensive driver classes in New York State. This project is being performed in an effort to give back to the community we serve, assist other organizations and individuals this service at the lowest prices available. Project a positive image of Italian Americans. And to offer scholarships to member organizations. The following calendar is a listing of Upcoming classes. ( Not Yet Available ) Please feel free to fill out the form if you are interested and would like an email of up coming courses.


Thank You

Date TIME Location Sponsor Cost Register
April 24, 2010 9:00 AM TBA NYPD COLUMBIA ASSOCIATION   Call 718.554.6114   fax  212.416.7032













Founded in 1975 by Italian American leadership in New York City, lead by Hon. Mario Biaggi. The National Council has served the Italian American Community in many ways its founded 31 years ago. The Council is made up of Presidents of Italian American societies throughout the U.S. According to the recent Calandria Institute, an affiliate of the City University of New York. The Council represent 120,000 Italian Americans in Civil Service.

Presently there are many other types of memberships such as: Corporate, Individual and Sponsor.

The Council is not only dedicated to Fraternal, scholarship and education programs We support the end of negative stereotyping that depict Italian Americans as gangsters and members of the Mafia. While we embrace the freedom of the 1st amendment we do not embrace negative stereotyping.


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