This Association is dedicated to the American ideal of equality of all men and women under the law, regardless of race, religion. Or national origin. It seeks to effectuate a unity of effort and purpose among all persons of Italian origin through the coordination of activities of all new and presently existing affiliated Columbia Associations and to perpetuate the rich tradition of Italian culture. It seeks to inspire its members, both as individuals and/or groups of affiliates, to be conscious of the freedoms to foster a keener spirit of brotherhood, good-fellowship and understanding among all Americans. It aims to achieve this goal through a program of education and through charitable endeavors.

The National Council of Columbia Associations in Civil Service, Inc., was formed for two specific purposes: Educational and Charitable.

The Council's program is devised to educate its members and indirectly other Americans of Italian descent on the need to promote better understanding between Americans of whatever ethnic, racial or religious background; to enhance the educational, social and economic status of Americans of Italian descent; to combat all forms of bias, bigotry or discrimination that may affect any individual or group of individuals. It plans to accomplish this mission through its official newspaper and other material of educational value to be distributed regularly and periodically to its members and through its many affiliates and chapters. Also through meetings, lecturers, classes, courses, scholarships and other means for its members directly or though its affiliates.

Its charitable endeavors consist of raising funds that will assist the programs of recognized charitable, health or educational institutions, and in general, to inveigh upon all members of the National Council of Columbia Associations in Civil Service and other members of the Italian ethnic group to foster and to broaden their charitable and humanitarian activities for the betterment of the community.