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Since establishing Non - for - profit status. the council has undergone many transformations.

A Board of Directors was establish to function as the administrators of the Council, to enable the Council Members the ability to run their own organizations and allow the Councils Management to deal with the day to day management of the council.

The council is an extension of the members of the National and Untitled we serve as an Umbrella for the Councils member organizations

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1998 - President  

Hon. Joseph A. Guagliardo

1996 - 1998   Hon. Philip Madalena


1994 - 1996   Hon. Robert Agnoli


1993 - 1994   Hon. Vito Locascio


1991 - 1993   Hon John Ranieri


1985 - 1991   Hon. Tom Diana

1975 - 1985   Hon. Mario Biaggi














Founded in 1975 by Italian American leadership in New York City, lead by Hon. Mario Biaggi. The National Council has served the Italian American Community in many ways its founded 31 years ago. The Council is made up of Presidents of Italian American societies throughout the U.S. According to the recent Calandria Institute, an affiliate of the City University of New York. The Council represent 120,000 Italian Americans in Civil Service.

Presently there are many other types of memberships such as: Corporate, Individual and Sponsor.

The Council is not only dedicated to Fraternal, scholarship and education programs We support the end of negative stereotyping that depict Italian Americans as gangsters and members of the Mafia. While we embrace the freedom of the 1st amendment we do not embrace negative stereotyping.


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