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February 14 2008

The National Council of Columbia Associations of Civil Service, Inc.

Joins With President Bush’s Council on Service and Civic Participation to Deliver President’s Volunteer Service Award

Prestigious Award Honors Outstanding Commitment to Volunteer Service

All member groups and associates can register their members and families to obtain this award

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Member Organizations

This Association is dedicated to the American ideal of equality of all men and women under the law, regardless of race, religion. Or national origin. It seeks to effectuate a unity of effort and purpose among all persons of Italian origin through the coordination of activities of all new and presently existing affiliated Columbia Associations and to perpetuate the rich tradition of Italian culture. It seeks to inspire its members, both as individuals and/or groups of affiliates, to be conscious of the freedoms to foster a keener spirit of brotherhood, good-fellowship and understanding among all Americans. It aims to achieve this goal through a program of education and through charitable endeavors. The Council was created in 1975, to unify Italian American Societies under one umbrella to give a single unified voice to Italian Americans in Civil Service. We represent over 120,000 Italian Americans in Civil Service - Under our new charter we are growing faster then ever to accommodate more and groups.

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Founded in 1975 by Italian American leadership in New York City, lead by Hon. Mario Biaggi. The National Council has served the Italian American Community in many ways its founded 31 years ago. The Council is made up of Presidents of Italian American societies throughout the U.S. According to the recent Calandria Institute, an affiliate of the City University of New York. The Council represent 120,000 Italian Americans in Civil Service.

Presently there are many other types of memberships such as: Corporate, Individual and Sponsor.

The Council is not only dedicated to Fraternal, scholarship and education programs We support the end of negative stereotyping that depict Italian Americans as gangsters and members of the Mafia. While we embrace the freedom of the 1st amendment we do not embrace negative stereotyping.


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